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Safe Product Certified

CARB PHASE 2 Compliant Company

In recent months, the general public has become more aware of what is known as CARB Phase 2. With cases involving big box stores and improperly labeled flooring products. It has forced many homeowners to think about the additional safety concerns they should be aware of. While you may not think of it right away, indoor air quality, or IAQ, is important. Here’s the skinny on the California regulation focused on air quality.

What Is Carb?

  • Carb Stands For California Air Resources Board,
  • Also Known As Air Resources Board (Arb).
  • A Department Of The California Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Was Established In 1967
  • Carb’s Purpose Is To Maintain & Improve Air Quality,
  • Carb Does Research On Causes & Solutions Of Air Pollution.
  • One Of Carb’s Mandates Is Carb 2 Compliant Mdf
  • Carb 2 Compliant Mdf Is Generally Considered A Standard In The U.S.

What Is Carb Phase 2 Compliant?

  • Carb Phase 1 And Phase 2 Are A Part Of California’s Composite Wood Products.
  • Regulation (Cwp Regulation), Took Effect In 2009 With Phase 1.
  • Cwp Regulation Has To Do With Reducing Formaldehyde Emissions From The Following Products:
    • Composite Wood Products
    • Hardwood Plywood, Particleboard
    • Medium Density Fiberboard (Mdf).
  • Carb’s Airborne Toxic Control Measure (Atcm) Rolled Out In 2009,
  • In The Atcm Roll Out Formaldehyde Emissions Were Capped At .08 Parts Per Million (Ppm).
  • Carb Phase 2 Went Into Effect In 2010
  • Carb Phase 2 Has Much Lower Formaldehyde Emissions Than The Previous Phase; Set At .05 Ppm.
  • Carb Atcm Is The Strictest Air Quality Measure Is
  • A Main Reason Why It Is The Strictest Is Because It Caps Emissions Levels.
  • Other Air Quality Standards Are Averages.

How to check if a product is CARB Phase 2 Compliant?

Any product made with hardwood plywood, particleboard or medium density fiberboard must be labeled with appropriate labeling. To check if a composite wood product is compliant for formaldehyde Phase 2, look for a label that includes the fabricator’s name, date the good was produced, and language that indicates the product complies with CARB Phase 1 or CARB Phase 2 emission limit. These labels will often include “California 93120 Compliant for Formaldehyde” or “California Phase 2 Compliant.”

Why Is CARB Phase 2 Compliance Important?

This regulation is important because it ensures the air we breathe is healthy and free from carcinogens that can harm us.

As of 2011, formaldehyde was added to the federal government’s carcinogen list due to its health effects These Health Effects May Include:

  • nose and throat irritation
  • burning eyes
  • nose and throat irritation
  • burning eyes
  • wheezing
  • difficulty breathing

Formaldehyde is a colorless gas and is emitted from a variety of the following sources

  • fireplaces
  • tobacco smoke
  • wood burning stoves
  • Plus Additional Sources

In the flooring industry, it’s often used to make products including resins that are used as adhesives for composite wood products.